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Last sunday's results (15 April 2007)

Parsons' dreams of promotion are shattered once again after defeat with West Ten.

Only a miracle next Sunday will give another chance for that promotion that too many times in the past has slipped away in the last rounds.

Parsons played on Sunday needing to win both the game in a tough double header against West Ten.
In the first game the results was 3-1 for Parsons, but, due to insane FA rules, they had to play again not long after the first match.

With the players exhausted from the previous effort, Parsons lost 4-6.

The table now shows AFC Parkside already promoted at the top with 36 pts in 14 games (2 games left). Fulham North, with 34 pts in 15 games, need one last victory to get the promotion.
Parsons Green, with 4 games left, can reach only 35 points. Maybe not enough. Once again.
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