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Country Italy
Born in Legnano, Italy
On 16 April 1977
Height 5'9
Position Midfielder

  • Joined Parsons Green in the October 2001 on free transfer.
  • Previous teams: A.C. Canegrate (Italy) and PKS Grottgera (Poland).
  • Olaf started his career with Parson's Green at left-back, but has also occupied the central midfield role.
  • Olaf is loved by everyone at Parson's Green, and has a fantastic character, and will to succeed.
  • Made captain of Parson's Green in 2005, but shortly after, broke his ankle and tore ligaments and has sustained a lengthy lay-off. He came back in August 2005, and he still plays with a metal bar and 7 pins holding his left ankle.
  • Twice Chairman's Player of the Season.
Olaf Olgiati
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