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Country England
Born in London
On 23 July 1975
Height 5'5
Position Defender

  • What can be said about Scott Goddard?
  • "Mr Parson's Green" Scott Goddard has just about done everything with the Club..
  • Winner of 3 Championship Medals, 1 Runners-up Medal and a Cup Winners Medal, Goddard has been there, and done it all.
  • Goddard has played in almost every position available, after starting out in the left-back position.
  • Goddard picked up the managerial reins from Daniel Rose in 2004, but felt after one season that he wanted to concentrate on his football, and stepped aside.
  • Has recently been made Captain of the side, following Olaf Olgiati's injury.
  • Players' player of the year in 2005/2006
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